With technology improving year after year, the cost of owning a high-end digital camera has never been cheaper. With so many people owning DSLR’s, it amazes me how many people really have no idea how to correctly use them. Are you guilty of owning a DSLR and finding yourself stuck on the “AUTO” settings? You are not alone. I see so often, many people with cameras much better than my own, only to notice they have the camera mode set to “AUTO” and they rely solely on the camera software to take their photos. Learning how to use “MANUAL” mode was probably one of the biggest revelations I had in my early photography career. I remember a whole world of creative potential opened up that I never knew existed. As I experimented with my new skill set, I discovered how to take those dramatic milky way photos you see in the magazines, and how to create images of rivers with that beautiful silky water flowing and cascading over the rocks. Quickly my photography went from drab and boring to dynamic photos that finally gave justice to the magnificent landscapes I photographed. With this multi-part article I hope to break you free of “AUTO” mode and have you comfortably utilizing the your camera to its full potential.

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