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Posted October 6, 2016A few weeks back, when I noticed the fall colours were starting to saturate the landscape, I decided to take the opportunity to spend an evening one on one with my daughter. This quickly  became a multi faceted trip for us. One aspect was to take advantage of the evening light and photograph Olivia playing in all the leaves. The other aspect, was to play with her in the leaves and spend some quality time together. We picked up a quick bite to share once we got to Bowness Park in Calgary. Once we finished I took her to a beautifully lit pathway with leaves scattered all over. Despite having a particular image in mind I  let her just play around as she felt fit and I thought I would just snap away in the background. I learned a little lesson that evening however. If you are going to photograph kids, make sure you upload your SD card prior to leaving the house and then format it. Within the first 5 shots I received an error message saying my card was full. Since there was some previous work on there that I couldn't delete, I was forced to individually delete photos in order to make room for new ones. I played this game all evening as I kept filling it back up. This is not an easy feat with a baby. As I wrestled with my camera, Olivia was enamoured by all the leaves and as happy as could be. I learned a valuable lesson as a photographer that day. Have backup, and come prepared for that one quick moment when the stars align and the light is right and the subject cooperates. Often with kids you only get a fraction of a second to go from the most beautiful perfect smile and an unapproving frowning face that only a mother could love. Once all the shooting was completed, I took her over to the water to play with rocks and sticks. I don't know who had more fun that night. We both slept great.

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