This list is a compilation of some of the sites I have found useful over the years. Some of the resources I have used for either inspiration on some of my projects or I have frequented them to learn new techniques in the field and on post processing. This by no means is not a comprehensive list, but more a dynamic selection as I am continually scouring the Internet to perfect my craft. 

Aurora Watch

My primary tool for tracking the night sky in Alberta for aurora activity.

Google Maps

My number one tool for plotting trips and ideas. I also use Google Maps to save locations for future photo ideas that I can come back to at a later date when the lighting or conditions are optimal.

Kuva Print and Frame

This is the only place I go for professional printing services. Kevin is a wealth of knowledge and stands behind his products like no other.

Paul Zizka

Banff's most well-known photographer and fro great reason. Paul is known for his creative night photography in the Rockies.

The Canadian Nature Photographer

Dr. Robert Berdan is a spectacular wildlife photographer and his website also hosts a great selection of inspiring and educational articles for the avid nature photographer.

Brodie Buchanan

A local Calgary based landscape and adventure photographer who turns out some impressive photos.

Marc Adamus

Probably one of the most recognized and respected modern landscape photographers. Marc's unique ability to process his dramatic landscape photos is sure to impress anyone.

Foto Tripper

Gavin Hardcastle is not only an amazing photographer, his website is also a terrific resource for photographing locations across Alberta and BC with hints and tricks that will help all skill levels.

David Wilder

David is a local Calgary based landscape photographer. He is constantly cruising the countryside in Alberta, churning out vibrant landscape photos.

Adam Gibbs 

Adam Gibbs is an inspiring photographer from BC. His work is timeless and beautiful.

John E. Marriot

John is a well-established wildlife photographer based out of Alberta. John is most well known for his ability to photograph wild wolves in the Canadian Rockies. He is also an avid conservationist with a YouTube series outlining some of the threats to our wildlife and how we can prevent it.

Aurora Service

This site has become valuable for tracking aurora activity. With this site, you can reliably predict the aurora several days in advance and even track what time it will be at its peak.

Cai Priestly

Regularly travelling to Banff from the UK, Cai is well known for his outstanding wildlife photography. His work always places emphasis on ethical practices, never baiting or stressing his targets.

Worldwide Wow Photo Contest

CPC Elevate Worldwide WOW Photo Contest marked its 10th year supporting women and children in need through an annual photography event. Elevate has donated over $90,000 to the Canadian Women's Foundation directly from proceeds of the WOW photo contest.

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