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Okanagan Granite - Vernon, British Columbia

I have always found the Okanagan Valley in the interior of British Columbia to be strikingly beautiful. However, every attempt I have made to photograph this unique landscape has resulted in a struggle to walk away with any images that I am truly happy with. It wasn't until I spent a week in Vernon while attending a course for work, that I began to find all sorts of "off the beaten path" areas I have missed during all my previous trips to this region. Lining Okanagan Lake, the sandpaper-like granite slabs have a tendency to reflect a warm glow revealing their textured surface well after the sun has fallen below the horizon. This is truly a photographer's paradise. This experience has served as a reminder to break away from the routine I tend find myself in of continuously photographing what's obvious, and try focus more attention on what makes an area unique.

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