Workshops - Nicholas Taffs


  • Canada Lynx - Spray Lakes, Alberta
  • A Walk in the Woods - Whistler, B.C.
  • Badlands - Brooks, Alberta
  • Looking Up - Banff National Park, Alberta

I offer workshops for aspiring photographers in the Calgary and surrounding area. I take an informal approach to photography, and that is the way I generally will work it into a workshop. I do not believe in shuffling you around the most scenic/photographed areas of our region and pointing in directions and telling you to shoot here or there. When I am in the field, I generally fly by the seat of my pants to capture the best light. If the mountains are not cooperating, I may just drive out to the prairies and look for snowy owls and simple landscapes. Sometimes I get to a high alpine lake, to find the weather just not making that photo work how I want but over on the ridge the snow is blowing and the light is just right. Often however, I have researched the area and have an idea in mind before I go on what I want to see. This is not always set in stone though but it gives a target and adjustments can be made from that.

With that being said, to best serve you my main goal is to find out what your primary objective is, then I can tailor fit the best possible trip to make best use of our time together. Group or individual sessions are welcome. I am more than happy to work with all ages and skill levels. I can also include a lesson on how I post process my work. Please contact me with the type of photography you wish to work on. If you have any places in mind I am more than happy to accommodate, If not I can assist on that department. Pricing is flexible and tailored for each workshop, so don't hesitate to click below to contact me. 

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